Acquiring Authority Proofs of Evidence and Rebuttals

Proofs of Evidence

Cath Shaw, London Borough of Barnet – Commissioning Director for Growth & Development
AA-CS-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-CS-2  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Thomas Wyld, London Borough of Barnet – Principal Planning Officer
AA-TW-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-TW-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-TW-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Paul Shipway, London Borough of Barnet – Strategic Housing Lead
AA-PS-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-PS-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-PS-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Bob Allies, Allies & Morrison - Partner
AA-BA-1  Proof of Evidence
​AA-BA-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-BA-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Michael McGuinness, Hammerson plc – Development Director
AA-MM-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-MM-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-MM-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Andre Gibbs,  Argent (Property Development) Services LLP) - Partner
AA-AG-1  Proof of Evidence
​AA-AG-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-AG-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Philip Murphy,  Quod Planning - Director
AA-PM-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-PM-2  Summary of Proof of Evidence

John Orchard,  AECOM – Project Director
AA-JSO-1  Proof of Evidence
​AA-JSO-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-JSO-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Paul Astbury,  GL Hearn – CPO and Regeneration Director
AA-PA-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-PA-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-PA-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Simon Slatford, Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners - Senior Director
AA-SS-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-SS-2  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Acquiring Authority Rebuttals

CPO1/OBJ/22 - Fenwick Limited
John Orchard Rebuttal
Michael McGuinness Rebuttal
Philip Murphy Rebuttal

CPO1/OBJ/11 & 43 and CPO2/OBJ/8 - Helen Pitsilis
Michael Mangi on behalf of Helen Pitsilis

CPO1/OBJ/51 - Ceren Bettina Ferster, Renata Altmann and Swishbrook Ltd
Rebuttal to evidence submitted by Bruce Fowler
Rebuttal to evidence submitted by Michal Axon

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