Documents Submitted by Other Parties During Inquiry

CPO1-OBJ-22 - Fenwick Limited

FEN/INQ/01   Robin Purchas’ opening statement
FEN/INQ/1    Graph indicating footfall and sales at BXSC
FEN/INQ/2    David Hawkins’ email dated 11th May 2016 enclosing the research referred to in connection with Mike McGuiness’ proof para 3.3.6 and now incorporated into the new graph (FEN/INQ/1)
FEN/INQ/3    Brent Cross Development Impact to Fenwick Store, produced by MACE referred to in Mike McGuinness rebuttal para 1
FEN/INQ/4    Fenwick Lease Provisions Assessment for Order Scheme Works
FEN/INQ/5    Photos of frontages of Apple and Carphone Warehouse stores
FEN/INQ/6    Erratum Report dated December 2013
FEN/INQ/7    Holiday Inn SoC and the plan of the works by Mace at May 2009 with works complete      
FEN/INQ/8    Draft UU and Agreement and covering letter 20th May 2016
FEN/INQ/9    Additional sections of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (CDA4) as follows: ss.233, 235, 236, 237, 245, 246, and 336; and additional sections to the Acquisition of Land Act 1981 (CDA2) as follows: ss. 13A, 13C and 14
FEN/INQ/10    Correspondence with David Hawkins - emails of 23 March, 1st, 4th and 7th April, letter to Inspector dated 29th April and reply dated 11th May 2016.
FEN/INQ/11    Extract from Mobility 2005 (referred to in the note from J Harding in Mike McGuiness’ rebuttal)
FEN/INQ/12    Part M of Building Regulations 2010
FEN/INQ/13    South West Entrance Sketch Plans
FEN/INQ/14    Slides presented with Proof of Evidence submitted by David Leonard
FEN/INQ/15    Pedestrian Link at Eastern End of Bus Station – Capacity Assessment, and Extract from BXC S73 Consolidated TA BXC05 Volume 1 October 2013
FEN/INQ/16    BX Bus station access - Hammerson plan 13.05.2013 and Fenwick critique plan 22.07.2015
FEN/INQ/17     Draft UU, draft Agreement and draft Order modification document and covering letter dated 8 June 2016
FEN/INQ/17A   Draft undertaking from the AA with covering email of 22 June;Fenwick’s email response with comments dated 24 June;Response from the AA with a note the proposed modifications dated 24 June;Fenwick’s revised modifications schedule;Fenwick’s proposed draft undertaking​​
FEN/INQ/18    Pedestrian Comfort Guidance 2010
FEN/ING/19    Agreed Transport Points
FEN/INQ/20    Closing submission on behalf of Fenwick Ltd by Mr Purchas QC
FEN/INQ/21    Letter from KWM to inspector dated 12 July 2016
FEN/INQ/22    Fenwick Modifications Schedule
FEN/INQ/23    Fenwick Modifications Note
FEN/INQ/24    Fenwick CPO1 Order Mark-Up
FEN/INQ/25    Fenwick CPO1 Map Hatching (Modifications (1) and (2))
FEN/INQ/26    Signed Fenwick Undertaking 

CPO1&2-OBJ-51 - Ferster & Altmann and Swishbrook Limited

CPO1&2-OBJ-51 - Ferster & Altmann and Swishbrook Limited

CPO2-OBJ-21 - Residents of Whitefield Estate

CPO2-INQ-OBJ-21   Opening Statement

CPO2-OBJ-32 - Mr & Mrs J Barker

Appendices to Proof of Evidence 1-15
Appendix 16
Appendix 17
Appendix 18
Appendix 19
Appendix 20
Appendix 21
Revised Statement from Mr and Mrs Barker
Revised Statement - Mrs Barker with last page superseded  

Michael Mangi

MM1 - Waterman Brent X Cricklewood Planning Permission
MM2 - Reserve Matters Planning Application Proposal X2 (Ref: 15/00720/RMA
MM3 - Report of Head of Planning & Development Management (Ref: C/17559/08
MM4 - Addendum Report
MM5 - Additional Chapter to Unitary Development Plan Revised Draft
MM6 - Song Thrush Species Action Plan
MM7 - Wterman Vol 1 Environmental Statement Further Information Report (refer to page 4)
MM8 - Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Approval Condition
MM9 - Full Business Case Study Summary (V2) (purpose - Cath Shaw, Mike McGuiness)
MM10 - Statement of Case for Holiday Inn
MM11 - Appendix 'A' Orders made under section 226 of Town and Country Planing Act 1990
MM12 - Article - Geoff Wright takes a bow
MM13 - Section 278/38 Agreements Highway Commuted Sums for Infrastructure
MM14 - Compulsory Purchase Order Process and the Crichel Down Rules Oct 2015
MM15 - The LBB Compulsory Purchase Order No. 1 2015 (Core Document D4)
MM16 - Work, Live, Play Cricklewood & West Hendon Regeneration (original)
MM17 - Rebuttal of Thomas Wyld
MM18 - Quod Doc (CD/C41) Reserve Matters Application Phase 1A North (page 24/26)
MM19 - EIA Scoping Report Oct 2014
MM20 - Brent Cross Cricklewood EIA Scoping Report May 2006
MM21 - Brent Terrace Statement


Naila Choudhury

NC/INQ/01 - Opening Statement - superseded by NC/INQ/07 - Final Opening Statement
NC/INQ/02Appendix 1
NC/INQ/03Appendix 2
NC/INQ/04Appendix 3A
NC/INQ/05Appendix 3B
NC/INQ/06Appendix 4
NC/INQ/07 - Final Opening Statement
NC/INQ/08 - Rehousing Proposal
NC/INQ/09 - Closing Submission

John Cox

JC - Expanded Proof of Evidence
JC101 - OPDC Statement of Community Involvement
JC102 - Friends of the Earth editorial on Statements of Community Involvement 
JC103 - UN Aarhus Convention on Access to Information and Justice regarding Public Participation in Enviromental Decision-Making
JC104 - Transport for London Brent Cross Cricklewood briefing paper
JC105 - Appendix 3 Brent Cross Cricklewood Full Regeneration Business Case Exempt
JC106 - 2016-02-08 - Letter from London Assembly to Mayor about Areas of Intensification in the London Plan
JC107 - Response of Mayor of London to the letter JC106
JC108 - 2010-01-11 Submission to Barnet LDF
JC109 - Approximately 2005 - udp-inspec-rpt-chpt13-criklewd
JC110 - Press release 2007 - brentcrosscricklewoodproject
JC111 - 2006 Cricklewood Railway Lands
JC112 - 2007 Hammerson and Multiplex at Brent Cross
JC113 - 2006 Brent Cross Cricklewood Railplan meeting
JC114 - 2007 - Multiplex office - High Level Presentation meeting
JC115 - 2006 Network Rail Cross-London RUS
JC116 - 2016-06 Copy of 2007 Brent Cross Railway document
JC117 - New Cricklewood Station - line capacity study
JC118 - Various images - Landscape
JC119 - 2008 Brent Cross Railway Proposal 1.2
JC120 - First Capital Connect - Kentish Town Cricklewood Brent Cross letter
JC121 - 2008-05-12 EU ruling on local authority procurement
JC122 - Various images - Portrait
JC123 - 2008-08 Brent Cross Cricklewood - Options for upgrading existing station
JC124 - 2006-09-20 North London Waste Authority - Hendon Waste Transfer Site at 
Brent Cross

JC125 - 2007-02-07 North London Waste Authority - Hendon Waste Transfer Site at 
Brent Cross 2

JC126 - 2004-11-25 Cricklewood Rail Project - Story To-Date
JC127 - 2008-09-01 Suggested Finchley Branch for Brent Cross Railway - Alternative Proposal
JC128 - 2014 London Cycling Design Standards
JC129 - 2008-10-30 London Cycling Campaign BXC response
JC130 - 2009-05-06 London Cycling Campaign BXC response 2
JC131 - 2009-06-16 London Cycling Campaign BXC response 3
JC - Closing Statement

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